Our Story
I bought myself a copy of the book called “The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering” somewhere in late 2000. You might ask, why would I read a book on software engineering and project management that was first published in 1975?

Well the answer is the ugly truth that is not revealed to anyone outside the software industry! Even after 25 years since the author Fred Brooks wrote that book, his message was ringing true in my workplace everyday! Software projects my colleagues and I took on were as unpredictable as the next one. Some were met with resounding successes and some were flat out disasters. I wanted to know why! What was so mystical about software projects? 

With the learnings from the book, we took a bold new approach to software development. In a span of 20 years, my colleagues and I have managed hundreds of software projects in various verticals, used Waterfall methodology, Lean Development, Extreme Programming, Agile, Scrum and dabbled with zillions of tools ranging from the humble Microsoft Project to JIRA. We unmistakably gained insights into the world of  software development and the nuances associated with it, which helped our efficacy towards business goal achievement.

We often see product managers, entrepreneurs and startups failing to deliver on business promises due to large, technically complex projects. Often we come across projects that seem like a bunch of new ideas, sloppily strung together with an original idea, making them unmanageable or unscalable.  Our aim is to help such projects with our expertise and transform them into winners. Be it a startup or an ageing legacy application, we can effectively change the perception of stakeholders by precise, surgical intervention. We have had many such successes that are worth sharing. Let us help you walk the technology path with confidence so that you can focus on business challenges and not technology underpinnings.



Get your idea vetted

Your idea could be on a napkin or a few vague images in your head. We will help you articulate the idea in such a way that our User Interface designers can create the prototype.


Product Mockup

We will work with you to create a visual mockup of your product. Early visualisation help clients avoid costly mistakes. Even a pencil sketch wireframe and well articulated use case will prove invaluable before investing heavily into development.


Lunch Your Product

Your idea will be up and running as you intended, with refinement and critical additions that we bring with our years of experience in taking products to market.